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PRM – Smart campaign management tool

Do not block your imagination and creativity. PRM assists you design all your revolutionary promotional campaigns and reports the results.

PRM can be used anywhere you need

Retail or wholesale, online or offline…Thanks to PRM, it is now possible to define all your sales increasing activities at ones and manage all the channels through one single tool.

PRM – Revolutionary

With its up to date and flexible coding structure , PRM easily adapts to any and all organizations and can be integrated into various ERP systems with no hassle.

Online Store - B2C

Would you like to set up a store where you can serve your customers 7x24 and enjoy being able to execute endless promotions through your mobile tablet? Continue...

Sales Force

Your office fitted into a mobile tablet so you can take it anywhere with you... Continue...

Dealers Portal - B2B

B2B portals are useful to reduce the cost of doing business between the main company and their dealers, and to speed up the processes like order, delivery, sales and invoicing. All processes can be integrated on-line realtime. Continue...

Service Portal

Service and Maintanance Portal needs to be able to share information in a secure environment to increase the after-sale service quality in the eye of the consumer. Continue...

Location Based Services

You can present all your offers when the customer walks in and around the shop, whenever s/he wants. Continue...

Gift Catalogue Management

Gift Programmes , all your sales channels can be awarded with a gift programme to create incentives to achieve quotas. Continue...

Event Management

To see the ROI of the events and the motivation levels of the participants is a great tool to decide on the future activities. Continue...

Campaign Analysis and Reporting

All campaign can be analyzed to the final detail and reviews and revisions for future campaigns can be based on these reports. Continue...

Custom Projects

BestERA aims to deliver the best possible solutions using the most updated software and project management tools. Continue...
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